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SUPA polo 2012

My passion for Polo

I’ve had passion for horses since when I was very young (about 5 years), I come from a town called Hadejia (in Jigawa, Nigeria) which is popular for the peoples’ culture and passion for horse keeping. Even though I never lived in the village, I often visited during holidays and festive seasons, and my main activity while I was there was horse riding. Then, I’ve always been the fearful one and opted for easy going horses to ride.
I became interested in the sport through my uncle who played in Kano. I got inspired by him when I watch him play and I always get a taste of riding the ponies which was ever fun. Since then I have developed a keen interest in polo and my passion grew when I was given polo pony for a present. The horse was called Lugard, I had him for 7 years and those were the best years of my childhood. I learnt a lot about horse keeping, and riding. I had memorable moments with Lugard that I will always remember. Sadly, I came back home one saturday morning from a school lesson to find out he was gone. My dad had gotten rid of Lugard because he was getting old.
I started playing Polo in secondary school, I had a short spell playing stick and ball before I had to abandon it because it was a form of distraction to my academics at that time. I later picked up while studying for my masters degree at the University of Birmingham in 2010, joining the school Polo club which offered affordable Polo lessons and tournaments at university level. I had weekly lessons at Rugby Polo Club with very good instructors Glen and Philip Baker. Soon I played for my university at the largest polo tournament in the UK (SUPA Nationals) in June 2011 and February 2012. Since then, I’ve found polo to be my hobby and a thing I look forward to be doing for a very long time.